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Why Mirān?

What we do differently, is create timeless designs. Our collectibles are neither in the past, nor in the present. The rush to incorporate the latest designs of home décor, often leads you to purchase mass-manufactured products. This is where we draw a line. Royalty can never be time-bound and we whole-heartedly believe, that giving our customers the richness of the past and the geometry of the present, is what a brand like Mirān aspires to do.

Prioritising aesthetics is our most significant role in the world of home décor. We not only create an ambience of royalty for you but also help you discover what your home truly needs.

What We Believe In

Ethical relationships

Ethical relationships

Mirān was born out of our passion for creation. When we create unique pieces of home décor to enliven your living spaces, we ensure that our customer support system is honest, ethical and assists you in an informed and transparent buying experience. We encourage positive relationships with our customers as well as employees so that we are always fondly remembered by both.

Environment friendly products

Environment friendly products

Mirān happened when we looked around to find that our Planet is aching with the weight of inhumane practices. Having been ardent supporters of eco-friendly goods all our lives, we had try to make a difference. The difference that Mirān strives to bring about lies in our handmade and carefully curated products that will only add to the beauty of the planet we live in. Made to justify our love for sustainability, Mirān is a brand that loves a greener and happier Earth.



When we tell you that we create luxury, it certainly does not mean that our products are to be carefully stored in untouchable glass cabinets. We believe in making luxury accessible and usable. This is precisely why our home décor products have user-friendly designs so that they can seamlessly fit into your daily lives. When you invest in us, we give you fashionable everydays.

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